Recent advances in the fields of nano-technology, bio-technology, ICT and sensor-technology enable incorporation of information to paper products which can interact with the user. In the future a sensor in a carton of milk can send a text message to your mobile phone to warn the milk is already spoiled. An OLED signal warns you whether your (internet) purchase has been too hot or too cold in the transportation process. Electronic packaging prevents piracy, and enables the consumer to verify medicine authenticity. Brand protection is enabled by incorporating electronic passwords. A letter or package can send an e-mail to inform you it was opened by the intended addressee at the correct location.

ROPAS (ROll-to-roll PAper Sensors) aims to develop a wireless sensor device on a paper surface which can be manufactured using high-end and low-cost printing techniques.

ROPAS develops a technological platform, defined as a collection of functional components which are electronically connected and are integrated on a fibre based substrate by printing techniques. The technological platform consists of an electronic circuit in which sensors, batteries and communication devices are integrated on paper by printing techniques. The technologies to be developed function as the platform for creating various new products based on monitoring environmental changes like temperature, humidity, etc over time and communication of the observation(s) to receiver and/or sender either by visual means or by wireless connection.

Facts and figures

  • Start date: 1st of May 2011
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Eleven partners from six countries
  • Total budget of 4.7 M€
  • Total EC funding 3.3 M€

Main results

Design guidelines for the technological platform, the creation of printable devices like sensors, batteries, antennas and signalling chips, and processes for printing of such materials including conditioning of the fibre based surfaces. The results are demonstrated in three applications: a security tag, a smart label and a smart envelope.


  • Development of new high value added products meeting societal needs and with high potential of being marketed
  • Acceleration of the industrial take-up of novel nanotechnology, biotechnology, ICT, and sensor technologies
  • Novel manufacturing processes for small-scale production and integration of different functional components
  • Opening of virgin business areas able to generate economic growth and high quality jobs





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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 263078


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